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Fuel Venture Capital, a case study


Fuel Venture Capital is a mixed stage venture fund that invests in technology companies across a broad spectrum of areas including spacetech, musictech, fintech, mobility tech, robotics and others. The firm’s “founder focused, investor driven” approach balances a commitment to propelling portfolio companies to success and delivering enhanced, risk-mitigated returns to its investors. One vital catalyst leading to the achievement of this goal is the acquisition of properly experienced leaders to drive the growth of new portfolio companies. A talent acquisition partner is needed to ensure this critical part of the process occurs correctly.


With the proven ability to identify and deliver leaders experienced in a wide range of functions within high-growth industries, TalentServed is the right choice for Fuel VC.


As the exclusive talent acquisition partner for Fuel VC, TalentServed has delivered multiple leaders for its portfolio companies including a Chief Compliance Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, Enterprise Account Executive and even an internal Fuel Venture Capital Associate.