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COVID-19, A message from our Founder, Steve Gibson

I’m hopeful this message finds you healthy and in good spirits. While many of our professional lives have been turned upside down and it’s not possible to accurately predict what comes next, keep this in mind: our industry may be flying low, but we will soar again. The hospitality industry is built upon the premise that humans are social beings and want to gather. No virus is going to change that! Make no mistake, the fundamental human need to meet and be social ensures our survival. Once a cure has been identified and made available, our worst fears will subside and the crowds will return. Our collective businesses will thrive again! 

Until then, we’ll be challenged in ways we are just beginning to conceive. Our new normal of social distancing and working hard to protect our employees and guests means anything but business as usual. Some concepts will bloom; many others will not survive. Ownership changes, bankruptcies, mergers and growth in successful segments foretells a large scale transition of human capital in the months to come. Change is inevitable and will impact leadership roles at all levels, creating opportunities across the industry. What role will you play?