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Culinary Atlanta Series: Joe Kelly and Aaron Avers

Culinary Atlanta Series Featuring Joe Kelly with TalentServed and Aaron Avers with Establishment

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Joe Kelly / TalentServed
Vice President of Recruiting

Joe Kelly is a professional recruiter bringing six years experience of restaurant management recruiting. Prior to obtaining his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Colorado, Joe worked for several seasons with his family’s fishing fleet in the Bering Sea. As a result, Joe has one of the best work ethics in the business.

Joe’s tenacity has made him successful at doing the heavy lifting necessary to match the right person with our client’s demanding requirements. Joe lives in the metropolitan Atlanta area and helps many of the city’s top restaurateurs and emerging concepts to find strong leaders. He also works with several regional and national organizations, where he helps to source top talent at many levels.


Aaron Avers / Establishment

Chef Aaron Avers is a culinary “Master of Meat” with 20+ years of experience ranging from gourmet fine dining to private catering. As a native of Columbus, Ohio, Chef Aaron started his career at McDonalds, slinging burgers at the age of 15. Smarter than R. Kroc, his passion transformed into a partnership with the City of Columbus to provide nutrition and cooking education to elementary school children. His drive to provide real food to the masses grew stronger when he received his first grant to have live chickens in coops he built at the school.

From Columbus, Chef Aaron ventured to D.C. to expand his culinary style and technique. After learning from several great minds in the area, he decided culinary school would give him an opportunity to truly fine tune to his art. He and his wife relocated to Charleston, South Carolina where he earned his degree in Culinary Arts from the Art Institute of Charleston.

Chef Aaron is Executive Chef and Partner at Establishment. Additionally, he is Executive Chef, Owner and Meat Master of Braizing Saddles & Chef-in-a-Box.