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Don’t let high sales and holiday parties hold up your job search

The advantages of year-end career planning

By: Jennifer Bryant

The hospitality industry is operating at its peak during the holidays. You don’t want to leave an employer hanging when sales are high and customer experience is paramount—not to mention when a bonus might be on the way, so putting off a job search until January might seem like the easiest option.

However, I would urge candidates not to wait. You certainly don’t have to leave your current position in November or December; but, if you’ve been pondering a move, this is actually an ideal time to set things in motion. Here’s why:

Fewer resumes = greater chance of getting noticed.

Competition for new jobs continues to increase, so every advantage helps. The advantage this time of year is that recruiters receive fewer resumes. That’s because most job seekers are waiting until the new year. By not doing so, you have a better chance of getting your resume noticed and your emails and phone calls answered.


You’re more likely to get face time with a recruiter.

This time of year, you may get an in-person meeting with a recruiter whose calendar is normally booked. Given how similar resumes can start to look to a recruiter faced with a 3-foot stack, a face-to-face meeting can give you a considerable advantage.


Even if the meeting doesn’t lead to a job, you can learn a lot by talking to recruiters about what they’re looking for, which of your skills are most attractive and which you need to spend more time building, and the different types of employers and positions that exist in the market.


It’s a great time of year to reflect on how your job supports your values.

No one likes to wake up on January 1st realizing they spent another year falling short of their resolutions. If one of last year’s resolutions was to “find a better job” and that hasn’t happened, take these last two months to define what you mean by “better.”


Here are some questions to ask yourself:


  • Does your job provide the right work/life balance? For some, this means the ability to spend time with family, while for others, it’s about having the resources to pursue important personal goals or hobbies. Consider whether your job contributes positively to your quality of life; and, if not, what needs to change.
  • Is my job the right cultural fit? Cultural fit can mean working alongside people who share your values and ethics; or, being in an environment that brings out your best personal and professional qualities. Both are important to your overall job satisfaction.
  • Am I being paid what I’m worth? Everyone would like to be making more money. But, feeling like your income doesn’t align with your value can be particularly discouraging. Even if you’re not looking for a new job, it can help to talk to a recruiter about what others in your field and position are making, as well as how to assess your current and future worth.
  • Am I growing enough professionally? Sometimes the best thing you can do for your job prospects tomorrow is to improve the amount you’re growing in your job today. If your company is not offering training and development proactively, ask what opportunities might be available. If your company is not expanding in size or scope; or is, in fact, downsizing, ask yourself where your own career path can lead if you stay. Constant growth is critical in a job market that is only getting more demanding.


By taking November and December to answer these questions, you can hit the ground running—and running in the right direction—in 2018.


It’s that time of year for connecting.

The holidays are all about reaching out and connecting with family and friends, which coincidentally, is often what job searches are all about as well. Use the next two months to think about who might know someone who knows someone who can get you that job you want. Send that person a holiday greeting and a request to chat or make an introduction. Spend some time building up your online network, reconnecting with old friends or acquaintances over LinkedIn or other social media.


And, finally, it’s a great time of year to shop!

Take advantage of holiday sales to find the perfect outfit for job interviews.


I know this Thanksgiving, I’ll be thinking about how grateful I am to represent so many amazing clients across the hospitality industry. I spend my days doing something I value greatly—making connections between great companies and great people. Reach out to us at TalentServed and we can help you find a job that matches your own values, whether this holiday season or in 2018 and beyond.