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Jump Start Your Spring Job Search

By Shannon Lee

Soon spring will arrive, and it’s one of the best times of year to conduct a job search. The weather is warming up and so are the plans of many companies to add new talent!



You never know when a great new opportunity will be announced. So, be prepared to take action by updating your LinkedIn profile with a photo that will make a great first impression, your most recent employment, and your relevant credentials. Next, polish your public social media accounts to take control of your personal branding and image. Most importantly, don’t wait until you need a resume to write or update yours. Click HERE for more tips on creating a high-impact resume.



Be sure to often check new listings on our Job Board and other websites and apps. Company websites, traditional job boards and specialty jobs boards that focus on a single industry are all options for researching new opportunities. Professional organization sites often have job boards as well. Finally, don’t overlook social media sites for hot job postings. Companies and recruiters often post or tweet the highest priority hiring needs on social media sites with links to apply. Set keyword alerts and check back often!



Narrow your focus to jobs with which you are qualified. Beginning your job search by applying for positions that you do not meet the qualifications for is demotivating and not an effective use of your time. Of course, you don’t need to be 100% qualified to be the best candidate for the job; but, if you’re spending your valuable time submitting your resume for roles that are several career steps away from where you are, move on to more productive search work before your optimism towards making a career change fades.



Attend industry events in your hospitality community such a networking groups, educational workshops, or volunteer for a great cause! You’ll be sure to make some incredibly valuable in-person connections to build your professional network. Have in mind your elevator pitch to describe your professional qualifications and what you’d like to target for the next chapter of your career. When you’re currently employed, networking can take a back seat; but, when you are ready to start a job search, being out of touch with all of your contacts and references is not ideal.



Get your resume and a great introduction in the hands or email inboxes of the top recruiters in your industry. They may not have an immediate hiring need that fits your qualifications and goals for your next role; however, your information will be within reach when a new search arises that could be an excellent match. Take the call and have a brief chat when recruiters reach out to you! It’s not a commitment, just a conversation that could eventually lead to an exciting and rewarding career opportunity.


The most difficult part of job hunting (or anything for that matter) is getting started! With the job market improving, especially for the hospitality industry, working through these tips will help you be prepared as soon as an incredible new job opportunity (or search) arises.