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Rising Through the Ranks: Five Tips for Advancement in the New Year

By: Eric Bohlander

“It’s not my job to get you a promotion, it’s your job to make me promote you!”

This is something a boss of mine once said to me early on in my career that has always stuck. Relying or waiting for someone to do it for you may never happen. As a former General Manager and now recruiter in the restaurant industry, I have been on both sides of getting myself promoted, and then getting my team promoted! I have put together five quick tips to get yourself ready for advancement in 2018!

  1. Take charge of your career growth. 

It makes sense that this is number one! You and you alone can get yourself ready to grow. Your career path is self-regulated. Do all the legwork and preparation so that your boss only has to focus on moving you forward!

  1. Take on a challenge.

We all get a little bit of “not my job” in our routines. Now is the time to step outside the box, out of that comfort zone, and take on a new challenge. It will only help you and your development in the long run, and benefit the business by getting another qualified person to execute that task!

  1. Become a coach.

You simply aren’t ready for promotion until you can teach someone everything it is that you do. You have mastered a task or assignment when you can effectively teach someone else how to do it. Get someone, or several people, ready to do the jobs you do, and you are ready to move forward.

  1. Be Prepared.

It’s the Boy Scout motto for a reason. Sweat the details, make sure you are ready to cover every detail of what lies ahead for you. You might be an excellent operator but if you struggle to communicate what it is you do, and where your strengths and opportunities lie, you may fall behind in your career growth.

  1. Go the “xtra” mile, don’t “86” yourself!

Everyone from hourly employees to senior management can benefit from a little extra facetime or interaction with your current, and possibly future, bosses. When you can, make yourself available and show them you have the work ethic and passion to go along with the skillsets needed.

Use the resources you have to help as well. We all have great networks of co-workers, managers, previous employers, etc., that we can reach out to for advice and counsel. Most of us would be more than happy to read a friend’s resume, ask a couple interview questions for practice, whatever it takes to help someone get that promotion in 2018! Good Luck!